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But, you need at least one supporting add-on in order for Real Debrid to work. The good news is most Kodi add-ons support Real Debrid.

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When you add StrongVPN to Real-Debrid, you’ll be able to download and stream content with total privacy and security. Real Debrid allows you to find a larger number of reliable sources for Kodi and increases your streaming experience. Definitely something worth having when looking for premium Free.

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Use it on If you have a VPN, try first using Real Debrid without the VPN. You should be able to see the message “Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized” appear on the Kodi screen. Premiumize includes a free VPN in your membership. This means that you need a subscription to Real-Debrid (or a similar service) to use This is one of the reasons why VPNs are recommended for Kodi users. 2 Aug 2019 “Do you need VPN with real Debrid?” The answer is “ Yes”.

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0.0.1 Good Evening guys and Girls this blog will cover the Best For Kodi recommended Services-VPN-DNS-Real Debrid. These are all of the services we have tested and highly recommend to our users. Take the stress out of shopping around. We have personally tested all of these services. I am going to walk you through the painless process of setting up your Real-Debrid Account and then we are going to put that info into your Diggz build or AP Keep in mind that Real Debrid is a multi-hoster and not an add-on. You can use it to increase the number of sources available in your content list. But, you need at least one supporting add-on in order for Real Debrid to work.

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This means it’s easy to access content from abroad and, even better, the VPN is fully compatible with streaming services, like with Real Debrid. ExpressVPN is known as a “non-cooperative” VPN service that works with Real Debrid. While they don't officially work with Real Debrid to make sure access is possible, Real Debrid already cover their service without their involvement. A VPN is not a must when it comes to Real Debrid. Although without a VPN your isp (internet service provider) will see you are connecting to a Real Debrid server.

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12. Entrez le code de caractères affiché dans la fenêtre Kodi sur le site web de Real debrid. 13. Terminez l’autorisation de votre appareil. Kodi et Real Debrid sont désormais opérationnels.

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Real Debrid has become real popular recently, but a lot of people still ask what is Real Debrid  In order to take full advantage of Real Debrid.